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Beautiful Website

A great looking, professional, mobile-friendly website build on the WordPress content management platform. Easily update your own website or let us know what you need and we’ll do it for you.

  • WordPress Runs 32% of the Entire Internet.
  • WordPress Is Behind 30.3% of the Top 1000 Websites.
  • Some big names that run on WordPress are the New York Observer, New York Post, TED, Thought Catalog, Williams, USA Today, CNN, Fortune.com, TIME.com, National Post, Spotify, TechCrunch, CBS Local, NBC, and many more.

You will be provided with access to your own Admin Panel from where you are able to edit your own content and a range of other things. We also have an entire updated Video library built right into your WordPress Admin Area from where you’ll be able to learn everything you don’t currently know.

If doing it yourself is not really your thing you can simply let us know what you need and one of our professional WordPress specialists will take care of it for you.

Unlimited Email Accounts

Extremely reliable email delivery with unlimited email accounts. Your email is protected by advanced SPAM and virus prevention measures. You also have online Webmail access as well as email forwarders if required.

Give each of your employees their own professional email address and adding new ones is as easy as logging into your own Hosting Control Panel and doing it yourself or you let us know what you need and we’ll do it for you.

Your email accounts function perfectly in all environments. You can have your email accounts set up on any Android or IOS device. You can also run your email accounts through any email platform like Google Mail (Gmail), Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and others.

Email can also be accessed by going to webmail.yourdomain.com (replace yourdomain.com with your own domain name).

We support the following email protocols:

  • POP3 / POP3-SSL

Seach Engine Optimization

Rank higher in Search Engines. On-page SEO. SEO-friendly Site Structure. XML Sitemap. Robots.txt file. SSL Certificate. Keyword Rank Monitoring. Search Engine Submission. Google & Bing Webmaster Tools integration.

That’s a mouth full but you need not concern yourself with the details because you have us and we’ll take care of everything for you.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process whereby we structure your website content, navigation, and website architecture in such a way that search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are able to correctly scan and index your website in their search results.

Optimizing your SEO increases your chance of ranking above your competition in search engine results when a potential lead searches for keywords or keyphrases relevant to the product or service provided by your company.

Social Media Integration

If you have any Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc) we’ll integrate them into your site so visitors can share and follow. Integration is a way to make it easy for visitors to your website to see that you’re on Social Media and follow or subscribe to your channels directly from the website or at least have a direct path to your social channels. We’ll also add a social share option to your website so that it becomes easy for your website visitors to share your website or blog post to their own social audience and thereby being an effective word-of-mouth ambassador for your company.

Custom Graphic Design

Professionally designed custom graphics for your professional brand. You can also choose from any of 800,000+ licensed stock images for use in your website. High-quality graphics on your website and shared to your social channels is the difference between people perceiving you as amateur or professional.  We will create stunning graphics to go along with a very aesthetically pleasant website and the licensed stock images you choose will only enhance the look of your brand. First impressions are lasting so you might as well make it a good one.

Multi-location Backups

Daily and Weekly backups of your entire hosting account. Website and Email included. Your website and database are also backed up to a 2nd location on Amazon S3. The primary reason for backing up your account data to a second location is to safeguard against the possibility of a single point of failure scenario where it is wise to have a plan B just in case. We’ve never had to use our Plan B backup but no-one can predict the future so hedging against all possible eventualities is good for everyone. Your account data is important and we take the protection and safekeeping of that data very seriously. These actions we take means that if you ever have any issue we are able to restore your account to a previous state so that your business or workflow is never impacted.

Analytics & Reporting Dashboard

With your Above Brand account, there will be a lot of moving parts that generate useful information providing an overview or snapshot of what is happening on your website or social channels.

We provide you with a dashboard that you can access any time to see details on visitor data, where they come from, what pages they’re looking at, how long they stay there, and a ton of other information related to your visitors and traffic.

Multi-layer Security

24/7 account protection against malicious activity. Multiple location backups. Active SPAM & virus protection. Website encrypted with SSL. Automated security actions. Security is a multi-faceted system that needs constant monitoring in order to respond rapidly should the need ever arise. In addition to the above-mentioned security measures we also have manual audits done from time to time. An automated notification system alerts us if there is a potential problem so our security team can deal with whatever it is right away. We also make sure your website, the WordPress core, and plugins are updated every 24 hours. Every website is also scanned occasionally for malware or any form of embedded vulnerability. If any attempt is made to access your website we log the originating IP address and if we can trace the ISP we’ll lodge a complaint with them so they can take down any accounts on their end that might be using their network to practice unlawful activity against others on the internet. If anything is ever encountered we fix it and make sure it never happens again. This is one of the primary reason we have had clients with us for over a decade. We keep you safe and by so doing your business and its presence online can continue to function uninterrupted.

Domain Name / Transfer

It’s a new beginning. Get yourself a brand new domain name or let us transfer the one you have. If you already have a domain you’ll retain your free domain credit for the day you need it. Your domain will also include identity protection by default, meaning that spammers can’t just scrape your information as they please. As long as you remain with us your annual domain renewal fees are always included and are automatically paid by us on your behalf. You’ll have the opportunity to choose your perfect domain name during your sign up process.

Web Hosting

Primary Features​​​​

  • NVMe SSD Disk Storage | 5000 MB (Monthly)
  • Bandwidth | 50,000 MB (Monthly)
  • Unlimited Email Accounts + Webmail
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Daily and Weekly Backups
  • cPanel Hosting Control Panel
  • FutureServe Green Hosting

Email Features

  • Email Protocols
    • POP3 / POP3-SSL
  • Professional Spam Detection
  • WebMail | Horde, RoundCube
  • E-Mail Forwarders
  • MX Record Modifications
  • Barracuda Advanced Spam Filtering

High-Speed SwiftServer

  • RAID-10 Storage
  • Cloudflare Free CDN (Avg. 200%
  • Faster Page Load)
  • Railgun Optimizer (Up To 143%
  • Faster HTML Load Times!)
  • 10 Gb/s Redundant Network
  • 12 Core Server Minimum
  • 64 GB RAM Server Minimum
  • Complete SSD Solution – Your Files, OS & Database
  • Turbo Server: Up To 20X Faster Page Loads

Advanced Server Security

  • Perpetual Security
  • Server Rewind Backups
  • Drop My Site – Offsite Backups
  • Perpetual Security w/ Free HackScan
  • Patchman Enhanced Security Tool
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
  • Quadruple Redundant Network
  • Redundant Power (UPS/Diesel Generator)
  • Expertly Tuned Servers

Lead Capture System

We’ll enable your website to capture the email addresses of those who wish to subscribe to your email list. We’ll also add a Facebook retargeting pixel for improved future lead conversion when using Facebook Ads.

What does a decent Lead Capture system require?

  • You need an area or multiple areas on your website that allows your visitors to enter their Name and Email so you have a place to send them future business marketing emails.
  • You need an Email Marketing platform like MailChimp that will capture those emails into your email list. This platform needs to be integrated with your website so that email addresses go from the website to the email marketing platform.
  • You need a few emails pre-written and loaded into your email marketing platform so that there is something to send to your leads once they sign up on your website.
  • You need a Lead Magnet. A Lead Magnet is a way to incentivize your lead to actually give up his or her email address. This Lead Magnet could be a short PDF document where you share a valuable bit of information very relevant to your product or service. It could also be many other things but the main point is that whatever it needs to be perceived as valuable to your lead.  

In addition to the above, we’ll integrate a Facebook retargeting pixel so that Facebook is able to start capturing information on the people that visit your website. The benefit of this is, should you ever decide to run a Facebook paid ad campaign, that captured visitor information can then be used to specifically target the people that previously showed interest in your product or service when they paid a visit to your website.

Social Media Marketing

In addition to your own social media activity, we’ll help keep your social business accounts active with regular graphics and relevant links to news related to your industry.

What does this include?

  • 3 promotional graphics per week shared to your social channels. We’ll share each graphic twice per channel (on different days). These are not just your average graphics either. They are very high-quality designs that will genuinely help your brand stand out as a professional force in your niche or industry.
  • 3 industry relevant links per day to each of your social channels. This would typically be content shared by others in the same industry and useful to your audience.
  • All your own blog content shared to your social channels as soon as you hit publish.

The above is meant to be complementary to your own actions on your social channels. Combined (your effort and ours) it becomes much easier to show your followers that you are active on social media and these constant bits of attention-grabbing moments you share will keep your company and brand fresh in the minds of your audience, thus increasing your chances of generating new business.

Unlimited Client Support

A decent support system is there when you need it. Support needs to respond quickly and solve any issues with urgency. This is what we strive to do. Only the best for our clients. Need something taken care of on your website? Let us know and we’ll get it done. Seeing an issue with your email? Let us know and we’ll investigate and report back right away. Have a question for us on the best approach to something related to your account with us? Ask away. If we can be helpful we will be. That’s what we love and it’s what makes our loyal clients stick around. When we say unlimited we are really referring to our commitment to be there for you when help is needed. In uncertain times it’s good to know there is someone there for you. We have your back because we know that if we do an amazing job by you in this critical area that you will never want to replace us with a company that does not have the same commitment to client happiness and peace of mind.

Complete Management

Managing the many moving parts of your website, hosting, backups, security, email, etc. is a 24/7 responsibility that our knowledgeable experts love and are very good at. What this means for you is simply that you can go about your business and leave the technical and logistical management of your online assets to us. After all, we’ve been doing this for a while and we are exceedingly good at what we do. The fact that all this complexity is managed under one roof and by one company is highly beneficial for you and saves a lot of time and headache knowing that there is no need for you to try and coordinate communication between different companies with different policies, reply times, attitudes, etc when assistance is required.

SSL Security Certificate

You’ll receive a Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate. This keeps your website safe and SSL is also now considered a very important factor for improving your rankings in Google.

What is SSL and what does it do?

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a standard security technology and protocol for establishing and maintaining an encrypted link between your server and a browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge), or a mail server and a mail client (Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.).

When your SSL Certificate is enabled by us your website URL (Address) will change from starting with http:// to https:// as in htttps://yourdomain.com. The ‘s’ in https:// means secure.

In plain language, all it means is that any communication and information transmitted from your website, web server, or mail server is encrypted so that nothing can be intercepted and read or recorded while it’s in transit to its destination.

This is just one more way in which we ensure your security as well as the privacy of your users and visitors.